Sportsmanship Contract

Sportsmanship Contract

A-All dancers and parents are required to sign a sportmanship contract upon registration. Contract as follows:




The Sportsmanship Contract is an agreement of sportsmanlike conduct that athletes/dancers will follow while participating at Dance By M.E. Please take a moment to review this form and read over it with your son/daughter. This contract is in place to ensure that all athletes/dancers are treated with respect and so that they feel like an important part of Dance By M.E.


1. I will respect others, including my classmates, and instructors. This means I will treat others the way I would like to be treated.

2. I will encourage my classmates in the studio, and on the dance stage. I will encourage them with kind words.

3. I will listen when the teachers speak and will not question their instruction decisions (i.e. dancer placement positions). This means I will pay attention when an instructor is speaking or explaining directions. I will ask an instructor if I have any questions.

4. I will try my best while in the studio, giving 100% at all times. This means I will pay attention and take the class/practice seriously (i.e. no goofing off) this can cause serious injury.

5. I will trust in my classmates and my own dancing abilities. This means that I will not talk bad about other students skill level and/or dancing abilities.

6. I will be a positive audience member while participating in recital back stage and while viewing the dances from the audience. (i.e. I will applaud for all dancers, I will not laugh at any Dance By M.E. students while they are on stage performing, I will respect all parents and students that are a part of the Dance By M.E. Studio “Family”)

7. PARENTS & Guardians will mind their own children and will not instruct other students or parents on what they should or should not be doing. Please note: If you have any comments, questions, or concerns consult with a Dance By M.E. Studio STAFF MEMBER ONLY. 

“Positives” of following this contract are as follows:

• Dancers will have a better chance to excel.

• You and your classmates will have more fun.


The consequences for not following contract are as follows:

1-If any un-sportsman-like conduct is seen/reported during a class/practice, or at recital, the athlete/dancer will receive a warning.

2-If un-sportsman-like conduct is seen/reported for a 2nd time during a class/practice or at recital, the athlete/dancer will be sent to the parent waiting area until picked up.

3-If un-sportsman-like conduct is seen/reported for a 3rd time in a class/practice or at recital, the athlete/dancer will be asked to observe the class and not participate physically for one week.

4-If the athlete/dancer continues to show un-sportsman-like conduct after the 1st suspension to observe class/practice, he/she will continue to be suspended from physically participating until the undesired conduct has stopped.

5-If the athlete/dancer is suspended for more than 3 weeks of class; he/she will be suspended for the rest of the Semester.

If several athletes/dancers do not follow the Sportsmanship Contract, the instructors have the authority and right to pull a routine from recital.

PARENTS & Guardians if you are reported treating students poorly and unkind the consequences will at 1st be a warning, and then 2nd be a $25 fine.


I agree to follow the above Sportsmanship Contract.







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