Dance By M.E. Handbook

Dance By M.E. is happy to welcome you into our family.

DBME hopes to provide all dancers/parents with a wonderful experience. We have created a handbook with policies and procedures for you to review at anytime.

The Dance By M.E. handbook was created with the knowledge of past experiences, and we hope that it will allow you to feel more informed with our rules,regulations, and overall familiarity with our studio and its policies.

If you have any questions regarding the handbook please email or see front office manager.


Please note that DBME handbook is subject to revisions


Monthly Tuition

*Monthly tuition is due by the 7th of every month. All payments made on the 8th or later are considered late.


$55 per one class

+$35 per second class


Any additional class +$25

B-Multiple Sibling Discount

$45 per one class

+$25 per second class


Any additional class +$15

C-Additional Fees/Costs outside of tuition costs are as follows:

·      Registration Fee $50

·      Photo Fee Per Recital $20 

DVD Fee Per Recital $17

·      Costume Cost $85 Per Costume (Tights Included)

Recital Fee $75 Per Dancer

D(1)-Payment Method

DBME payments may be made by Paypay (Card/BankAccount Transfer)-Cash-Check

D(2)-Payment made by Cash/Check must be put in the payment box located by the

D(3)-Monthly Tuition LATE FEE

A late fee of $25 will be due if payment is made after the 7th of the month. If your $25 late fee is not included in payment your dancer/dancers will not be able to participate in class/classes until the fee is paid in full.

*Late fee will be enforced.


Frequently asked studio questions

·      Why is DBME any different from other studios?

DBME is a Christian based dance studio.

We make sure that all music,movements, and costumes are appropriate for the age groups performing.

DBME strives to provide all dancers and parents with a happy/optomistic enviornment. Our goal is to help/encourage dancers to excell in a drama free space.

·      What all does tuition include?

Monthly tuition covers the cost of registered dance/tumble classes taken during the month period.

·      How do I get WiFi

WiFi is optional.

There is an additional fee of $25 for WiFi per year.

Please see front desk office manager in order to make payment and receive WiFi password.

·      Where can I get dancewear?

You may order dancewear through DBME.

Please give dancewear 1-2 weeks to arrive.

Dancewear costs as follows:

Dancewear Costs:

Tights *Convertible $12

Booty Short $15

Jazz Pants $15

Leotard $20

*Tank *Halter *Sweetheart Tank *Short Sleeve *Long Sleeve

Tutu Dress (Tot/Mini) $20

Lyrical Foot Thongs $12

Ballet Shoes $20

Jazz Boots $20

Tap Shoes $28

Hip Hop Sneakers $40

Pointe Shoes $60

Pointe Pads (Cotton) $10

Pointe Pads (Gel) $20

Pointe Shoe Ribbon $10

Please see front desk office manager in order to make payment and place dancewear order.

·      Where do I Park?

DBME students/parents may park in designated parking spaces around the entire DBME building. Overflow parking is found in the empty lot at the back of The Experience Church Parking. Please take caution while crossing the street.

·      On picture day does my child need to arrive at the studio dressed in their first costume?

It is parents discretion as to when to dress your child for photos.

DBME will stick as close to the photo time chart as possible. If you miss your class time slot pictures will not be retaken.

·      Do I need to pack a snack or lunch on picture/recital day?

It is a great idea to pack dry snacks for your child during recital weekend. No sauses, messy powders, or grease. Remember there will be expensive costumes everywhere.

·      Who do I notify if my child is not found on the class role?

Please email DBME at

·      If I write a check who do I make it out to?

DBME Megan Smith

·      Does DBME take post dated checks?


·      What if I can not pay my tuition on time?

You will receive a $25 late fee.

·      Why doesn’t DBME have observation windows?

DBME offers a moniter to observe class. An observation window simply distracts the dancers and does not allow for proper full attention.

·      How can I get a DBME jacket/apparel?

All dancewear and DBME uniforms,jackets,t-shirts,shorts,tanks,sweaters,zip-ups may be ordered through the front office manager during office hours.

Must be paid in full to order.

·      When will DBME install lockers/wooden cubbies?

When the funds become available.

·      Who are the teachers and what are their credentials?

Please see DBME STAFF wall located infront of the office area.

·      What do I do if my child does not want to use the locker room and/or changing area at recital? He/she does not want to change in front of others.

Find a restroom nearest you.

·      If I have a question regarding DBME may I contact Mrs.Megan on her personal home/cell phone?

You may email DBME or see front office for questions during offiec hours.


Dance Class


Classes are devided among age group

Tot Ages 2/3/4

Mini Ages 5/6/7

Petite Ages 8/9/10

JR Ages 11/12/13

SR Ages Highschool Freshmen-Senior

Alumni- Dancers who have previously taken with DBME

A(2)-Recital Classes

It is mandatory for students participating in recital classes to dance with that class in recital.

i.e. If a dancer is taking multiple recital classes he/she is required to participate in all the classes he/she is registered in.

A(3)-Non Recital Classes

These classes DO NOT have a recital piece and are not required to participate in recital.


DBME Company Dance Team

A-DBME offers a ministry/competition team. Three teams are available

·      Mini/Petite 6/7/8/9

·      JR 10/11/12/13

·      SR Highschool

B-Company dance teams aquire additional funds over regular DBME student fees.

C-In order to participate with Company dance teams both dancer and parent must attend the mandatory registration meeting.

D-Company dance team members have the option to compete with solos during competition season.

*Company solos have the option to perform during recital seating for seating entertainment.

E-Company dance team members have the option to compete with dous/trios during competition season.

*Company dous/trios have the option to perform during the recital program for additional entertainment.

F-Company dance team is OPTIONAL. If a dancer/parent commits to the DBMEC dance team then one must fulfill all the responsibilities/fess pertaining to.

G-Separate contract to follow with any/all Company dance team members.



A-All dancers are required to wear proper dance attire while taking class.

Dress code is as follows:

·      Ballet Technique/Pointe



Ballet Shoes and/or Pointe shoes

Hair In Bun or Pony Tail

·      Lyrical

Leotard- Crop and/or Sports Top Accepted


Booty Shorts (With Tights)

Barefoot and/or Lyrical Thongs

Hair Up & Bangs Pinned Back

·      Contemporary

Leotard- Crop and/or Sports Top Accepted


Booty Shorts (With Tights)

Barefoot and/or Lyrical Thongs

Hair Up & Bangs Pinned Back

·      Tap

Leotard and/or Solid Color Tank

Jazz Pants and/or Booty Short (With Tights)

Tap Shoes

Hair Up & Bangs Pinned Back

·      Jazz

Leotard and/or Solid Color Tank

Jazz Pants and/or Booty Short (With Tights)

Tan Jazz Boots (Mandatory, Order Though TODS $20.00)

Hair Up & Bangs Pinned Back

·      Tumble

Leotard- Crop and/or Sports Top or Solid Color Tank

Jazz Pants and/or Booty Shorts


Hair Up & Bangs Pinned Back

·      Hip Hop


^You may wear any type of dance attire


·      Strength & Conditioning

Workout clothing

Tennis shoes

B-JR/SR dancers receive two “OOPS DAYS” meaning they are excused of being out of dress code. After both oops days have been used dancers will be asked to leave class and may return when wearing proper attire.


Parent Observation

A-Dance classes are CLOSED meaning no parents and/or family-friends allowed in studio areas while class is in session. This allows DBME dancers to work and excell without the pressure of people watching.

B- Parents and/or family-friends may observe dance class through the studio moniter by the parent waiting area.

C- Parents and/or family-friends may observe dance class to watch recital routines and/or to videotape using recording devices. Recording a dancers routine can be used for additional at home rehearsal the 4 weeks prior to recital.

*DBME STAFF will invite veiwers in at the end of each class for the above. (4 weeks prior to recital)


Class Attendance

A-If dancers miss class due to sickness there is not a make-up class. There is no partial refunds.

B-Dancers are required to attend dance class 4 weeks prior to recital in order to participate in the show.

B(1)-If a dancer misses class the 4 weeks before recital please provide DBME with a doctors note and/or school function note in order to be excused.

*Note 4 weeks attendance policy is enforced to allow all students to feel prepared for recital weekend. If dancers are missing from class it effects choreography,tricks, and stunts etc. 



A-There are two recitals per dance season.

(Christmas Recital and Spring Recital)

Christmas and Spring recital are mandatory for those students taking recital classes.

B(1)-Recital Fee amount is per dancer. Recital fee is due at the same time as costume dues or may be made anytime throughout the semester to front office managerduring office hours.

1 Dancer -$75 Recital Fee

Multiple Sibling -$50 per dancer Recital Fee

B(2)-Recital Fee covers the cost of tickets at the door, allowing as many friends and family members to attend the show as desired. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

B(3)- Recital Fee is a cost that covers the following:

Facility/Backdrop-DBME STAFF additional hours-Videographer-Light/Sound-Props/Accessories-Backstage Manager etc.

C- Costume cost

Costume Cost $85 Per Costume

D(1)-Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY for all dancers who are participating in DBME recital.

D(2)-Dress rehearsal is held the Friday prior to the Saturday and Sunday shows from 4pm-830pm. Dancers should arrive in first costume with hair and make-up done.

D(3)-Dress rehearsal is CLOSED meaning no parents and/or family-friends allowed in the auditorium area. This allows DBME dancers to have a special time to prepare and to get used to the stage without the pressure of people watching.

E-All costume accessories and/or props are property of DBME and are too be left with the studio following photo day and recital weekend. Accessories are frequently used for more than one dance. DBME wants to provide all dancers with accessories and therefore recycles head pieces from year to year to assure all dancers have a hair piece.

F-Recital is held the second weekend of December and the second weekend of June ALWAYS.


Frequently asked recital questions

·      Where is recital?


·      Why do we have two recitals?

DBME provides two recital days/times to give parents/family/friends the oppurtunity to find a time that works best for them to see the show.

DBME also believes that the additional stage experience is good for the dancers and helps excells the dancers showmanship.

·      Do we have to do hair and make-up?

Hair is mandatory. All dancers must wear their hair up in a bun with bangs pulled back for recital.

Make-up is optional.

·      Is there someone who can do my child’s hair and make-up?

YES, we typically offer an experienced stage make-up & hair student or dance mom who is willing to help others prepare for recital at a small fee.


Hair Only (Both Saturday and Sunday Shows) $20

Make-Up Only  (Both Saturday and Sunday Shows) $20

Hair and Make-Up (Both Saturday and Sunday Shows) $30

*Register your dancer with to have hair and make-up done at Dress Rehearsal following dancer/parent meeting.

·      What is recital hair?

Bun of your choice i.e. donut bun, braided bun, swirl bun.

·      What is recital make-up?

Typical recital make-up consists of the following:


Red lipstick

Tots>Red lipliner vs. lipstick so it dos not rub off easily

Mascara/False Eyelashes


·      Why doesn’t my child’s costume fit perfectly?

Costumes are ordered according to student measurements. DBME gets the closest fit for each dancer.

·      Can I alter my child’s costume?


·      Who can I get to alter my child’s costume?

It is your choice to find an outside party to alter your child’s costume if desired.

·      What shoes does my child wear with his/her costume?

The shoes found on dresscode per class type.

·      How long is the recital?

About 1.5-2 hours

·      Should I pack my child a lunch or snacks for backstage during recital weekend?

It is a great idea to pack dry snacks for your child during recital weekend. No sauses, messy powders, or grease. Remember there will be expensive costumes everywhere.

·      My child doesn’t like water may I pack another drink?

No, only water is accepted backstage during recital weekend.

·      If my child’s hair is too short where do I go to purchase a hair piece/bun?

You may purchase hair extentions through DBME up to 2 weeks before recital.

You may find false hair at other places like Claires.

Or a child with a short hair-cut may opt to only pin bangs back.

·      Will a DBME STAFF member or experienced hair stylist attach the fake bun or hairpiece for me?

DBME will be happy to do your daughters hair if you sign up for her services.

·      Is transportation provided to recital facility for dress rehearsal and/or Saturday/Sunday shows?

No, however DBME strongly encourages students to carpool if available.

·      Why do I have to pay a recital fee?

Please see Recital section of handbook noted B(1)(2)(3)

·      I have new tights, why do I have to pay a tight fee?

New tights are to assure that all dancers have the same color/style tight for recital weekend.

·      Who is allowed backstage?

One mother per dancer + one additional female is allowed backstage.

No siblings allowed backstage.

No males allowed backstage.

All male DBME dancers have a separate changing area.

·      Will there be consessions?

YES consessions are served at recital.

Water $1

Soda $1

Candy $2

Popcorn $3

·      Can I videotape?

We ask that parents/family/friends retain from videotaping the dancers recital.

DBME provides a videographer and it is requiredto purchase a recital DVD with our program.

$17 DVD Fee purchase includes both Saturday and Sunday show as well as HD copy available the very next day following recital weekend.

·      Can I take pictures?

You may take pictures during the recital with flash turned off.

NO FLASH photos. Saftey first, flashes may cause a dancer to be distracted and cause serious injury while dancing.

·      Why can I not keep my costume accessories?

Please see Recital section E.

·      Why do I have to pay for the Month of December when we only take ½ the month?

Tuition is to be paid in full for the month of December in order to participate in recital.

The hours of finale’ rehearsal and dress rehearsal make up for the second ½ of the month class times.

·      Why do I have to pay for the Month of June when we only take ½ the month?

Tuition is to be paid in full for the month of June in order to participate in recital.

The hours of finale’ rehearsal and dress rehearsal make up for the second ½ of the month class times.

·      Does my child have a different dance costume for each class he/she is in?


Please note sometimes one class will have two /three costumes if noted as a combo class.

·      Is dance costume included in my tuition payment?



Finale’ Rehearsal

A-It is required to attend finale’ rehearsal in order to participate in the finale’ routine

B-Petites-JRs-SRs must attend ENTIRE practice from 8:30am-12:30pm (4 hours)

C-Minis must attend finale’ rehearsal from 10:30am-12:30pm (2 hours)

D-Tots do not have to attend finale’ rehearsal in order to participate in the finale’ however Tots may attend finale’ rehearsal from 11:30am-12:30pm (1 hour) OPTIONAL

E-Mini-Petite-Jr-Sr dancers must sign off upon pick-up showing attendance.


Photo Day

A-Photo fee of $20 paid credits you that amount for one of the following packages

Weather Policy

A-Classes are cancelled due to inclement weather when Rutherford County Schools are closed.

B-If schools are 2 hours late DBME will remain open.

C-If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather there will be NO REFUNDS/Make-up classes.

*As always DBME encourages saftey first during inclement weather. If a parent/gaurdian feels conditions are unsafe to drive we support your decision.


Front Office

A-Office hours are as follows:

Monday 4:45-6:30pm

Tuesday 4:45-6:30pm

Wednesday 4:45-6:30pm

Thursday 4:45-6:30pm

B- Front office is for new students and parent registration ONLY. If you have any questions please be mindful if there is a new student/parent visiting with T front office manager and wait until the office is clear of visitors to ask your questions or email

C- The front office is not a parent waiting area. Please wait in chairs in the designated parent waiting area.

D- If you have a question that your child’s instructor can not answer, please leave a message on DBME answering services or email DBME at Please allow a 24-48 hour business day to return your call/email. 


DBME How To Stay Informed

A-Monthly Newsletter

Every month by the 10th all dancers/parents are sent a monthly newsletter via email. The contact email on registration form is the email your DBME newsletter will be sent to.


DBME posts special reminders, events, and notices on facebook page. (Dance By M.E.)

*Please like us on Facebook


DBME posts special reminders, events, and notices on Twitter. (DBMEDance.)

*Follow us on Twitter


E-Student Mailbox

Found in The Den area all dancers have a student mailbox. Students receive receipts, reminders, and treats in their mailbox. Be sure to check your mailbox weekly.

F-Highlight Page

All dancers/parents receive a “Highlight Page” upon registration and/or please find in student mailbox at 1st week of classes. The highlight page informs you of all DBME special holidays, breaks, recital dates, photo dates etc.

G-DBME calendar located directly when you walk in the door front door.


DBME How To Contact StAFF


You may also contact instructors directly for privates and to ask questions regarding your childs dance class directly at "their name"


B-Phone 615-330-1444

C-Parent drop box, dancers and parents are welcome to leave letters with questions/comments/concerns in the drop box.

D-DBME does not offer a form of contact/communication via text message. Please do not text DBME phone number and expect a response. Thank you.


Drop Off Policy

A(1)-Dancers are welcome to be dropped off at DBME 30 minutes prior to dance class. JR and SR age group may be left without parent/gaurdian supervision if taking multiple classes in that day. Please note dancers dropped off are not DBME responsibility except during registered class times.

A(2)-Dancers who are inbetween dance classes may wait in the lounge room area or the den, or the study hall area.

*Please note DBME is not a baby sitting service.

B-Study hall is a quiet place for dancers doing school work or reading only, it is not a place for siblings to play. TODS encourages good grades and therefore wishes to provide a space for dancers studies.

C-Dancers and/or siblings of dancers are not allowed outside of dance studio for play. DBME landlord and surrounding businesses have asked that students and siblings stay inside the building. DBME also is enforcing this due to saftey reasons. There is not a designated play area outside. The outside area has high traffic due to student drop off and pick up.

D-All Siblings and/or friends may not be dropped off at the dance studio. Siblings may wait in the parent waiting area with parent/gaurdian supervision. Please note the specified areas are for dancers use ONLY. Lounge-Study Hall- Den-Dance Studio

*Please note DBME is not a baby sitting service.


Staff Only

A-The Nook and/or kitchen is off limits to all persons who are not TODS STAFF. Dancers may bring their own drinking bottles and snacks for personal use.

B- Front desk is for new students and parent registration ONLY. It is not a parent waiting area. If you have any questions please be mindful if there is a new student/parent visiting with DBME front office manager and wait until the office is clear of visitors to ask your questions or email

C-DBME closet is off limits.

No students/parents allowed in DBME costume area.


Party Packages

A-Birthday Party

B-Graduation Party

C-Baby Shower Party

D-Wedding Shower Party

E-Any/All Occasions

F-Party must be scheduled one month in advance

G-Party deposit is 50% down

Party deposit is non-refundable

H-Any/All DBME students have the oppurtunity to celebrate their special day at DBME with purchase of a party package.

All persons not assosiated with DBME membership are welcome to use DBME facility with purchase of a party package.

*Visit front office for further details.

Sportsmanship Contract

A-All dancers and parents are required to sign a sportmanship contract upon registration. Contract as follows:



The Sportsmanship Contract is an agreement of sportsmanlike conduct that athletes/dancers will follow while participating at Dance By M.E. Please take a moment to review this form and read over it with your son/daughter. This contract is in place to ensure that all athletes/dancers are treated with respect and so that they feel like an important part of Dance By M.E.

1. I will respect others, including my classmates, and instructors. This means I will treat others the way I would like to be treated.

2. I will encourage my classmates in the studio, and on the dance stage. I will encourage them with kind words.

3. I will listen when the teachers speak and will not question their instruction decisions (i.e. dancer placement positions). This means I will pay attention when an instructor is speaking or explaining directions. I will ask an instructor if I have any questions.

4. I will try my best while in the studio, giving 100% at all times. This means I will pay attention and take the class/practice seriously (i.e. no goofing off) this can cause serious injury.

5. I will trust in my classmates and my own dancing abilities. This means that I will not talk bad about other students skill level and/or dancing abilities.

6. I will be a positive audience member while participating in recital back stage and while viewing the dances from the audience. (i.e. I will applaud for all dancers, I will not laugh at any Dance By M.E. students while they are on stage performing, I will respect all parents and students that are a part of the Dance By M.E. Studio “Family”)

7. PARENTS & Guardians will mind their own children and will not instruct other students or parents on what they should or should not be doing. Please note: If you have any comments, questions, or concerns consult with a Dance By M.E. Studio STAFF MEMBER ONLY. 

“Positives” of following this contract are as follows:

• Dancers will have a better chance to excel.

• You and your classmates will have more fun.

The consequences for not following contract are as follows:

1-If any un-sportsman-like conduct is seen/reported during a class/practice, or at recital, the athlete/dancer will receive a warning.

2-If un-sportsman-like conduct is seen/reported for a 2nd time during a class/practice or at recital, the athlete/dancer will be sent to the parent waiting area until picked up.

3-If un-sportsman-like conduct is seen/reported for a 3rd time in a class/practice or at recital, the athlete/dancer will be asked to observe the class and not participate physically for one week.

4-If the athlete/dancer continues to show un-sportsman-like conduct after the 1st suspension to observe class/practice, he/she will continue to be suspended from physically participating until the undesired conduct has stopped.

5-If the athlete/dancer is suspended for more than 3 weeks of class; he/she will be suspended for the rest of the Semester.

If several athletes/dancers do not follow the Sportsmanship Contract, the instructors have the authority and right to pull a routine from recital.

PARENTS & Guardians if you are reported treating students poorly and unkind the consequences will at 1st be a warning, and then 2nd be a $25 fine.


I agree to follow the above Sportsmanship Contract.


Parent Sign:________________________________________________________________

Dancer Sign:_______________________________________________________________



Hold Harmless Agreement

A-All dancers and parents are required to sign a Hold Harmless agreement upon registration. Agreement as follows:


Hold Harmless Agreement

The Hold Harmless Agreement (this “Agreement”) is made effective on ______/______/_________ (Date) by and between Megan E Smith (hereinafter, “Dance Instructor/Owner”), of Dance By M.E., 449 S Kings Hwy, Murfreesboro, TN., 37129 and____________________________________________________

(hereinafter “Student”) are sometimes individually referred to as “Party” and collectively referred to as “Parties.”

         WHEREAS, Student desires to hold harmless Dance By M.E. and/or Dance Instructor/Owner from any claims and/or litigation arising out of injuries from actions in connection with Dance Instruction, Practice Sessions and Performances.

         NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of mutual covenants and conditions contained herein, Student and Dance By M.E. and/or Dance Instructor/Owner hereby agrees as follows:


         1.  Hold Harmless.  Student shall fully defend, indemnify and hold harmless Dance By M.E. and/or Dance Instructor/Owner from any and all claims, lawsuits, demands, causes of action, liability loss, damage and/or injury, of any kind whatsoever concluding without litigation all claims for monetary loss, property damage, equitable relief, personal injury and/or wrongful death, whether brought by an individual or other entity, or imposed by a court of law by administrative action of any Federal, State or Local governmental body or agency arising out of, in any way whatsoever, any acts, omissions, negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Dance By M.E. and/or Dance Instructor/Owner, its officers, owners, personnel, employees, agents, contractors, invitees or volunteers.  This indemnification applies to and includes, without limitations, the payment of all penalties, fines, judgments, awards, decrees, attorney fees, and related costs on expenses and any reimbursements to Dance By M.E. and/or Dance Instructor/Owner for all legal fees, expenses, costs incurred by it.

       2.  Authority to Enter Agreement.  Each party warrants that the individuals who have signed this Agreement have the actual legal power, right and authority to make this Agreement and bind each respective Party

       3. Amendment; Modification.  No supplement, modification, or amendment of this Agreement shall be binding unless executed in writing and signed by both Parties

       4.  Waiver.  No waiver of any default shall constitute a waiver of any other default or breach, whether of the same or other covenant or condition.  No waiver, benefit and privilege, or service voluntarily given or performed by a Party shall give the other Party any contractual right by custom, estoppel, or otherwise.

            5.  Attorneys' Fees and Costs.  If any legal action or proceeding is brought in connection with this Agreement, the successful or prevailing Party, if any, shall be entitled to recover reasonable Attorneys' Fees and other related costs, in addition to the other relief to which that Party is entitled.  In the event that it is the subject of dispute, the court or trier of fact who presides over such legal action or proceeding is empowered to determine which Party, if any, is the prevailing Party in accordance with this provision.

       6.  Entire Agreement.  This Agreement contains the entire Agreement between the Parties related to the matters specified herein, and supersedes any prior oral or written Statements or Agreements between Parties related to such matters


  7.  Enforceability, Severability and Reformations.  If any provisions of the Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable.  If a court finds that any provisions of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provisions it would become valid and enforceable, then such provisions shall be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited.  The intent of the Parties is to provide as broad an indemnification as possible under Tennessee Law.  In the event that any aspects of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, the court is empowered to modify this Agreement to give the broadest possible interpretation permitted under Tennessee Law.

       8.  Applicable Law.  This Agreement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Tennessee, without regard to conflict of Law Provisions.

       9.  Exclusive Venue and Jurisdiction.  Any lawsuits or legal proceedings arising out of or relating to this Agreement in any way whatsoever shall be exclusively brought and litigated in the Federal and State Courts of Tennessee.  Each Party expressly consents and submits to this exclusive jurisdiction and exclusive venue.  Each Party expressly waives the right to challenge this jurisdiction and/or venue as improper or inconvenient.  Each Party consents to the dismissal of any lawsuits that they bring in any other jurisdiction or venue.

       10.  Signatures.  This Agreement shall be signed on behalf of Dance By M.E. by Megan E Smith and on behalf of Student upon registration and effective as of the date first written above.


 Print: ___________________________ Sign: ___________________________

Date:_____/_____/_____                   Title: Dance Instructor/Owner


Print: ___________________________ Sign: ___________________________             

Date::_____/_____/_____                Title: Student


 Print: ___________________________ Sign: ___________________________

Date:_____/_____/_____            Title: Parent/Guardian (Must be at least 18 years of age)


Print: ___________________________ Sign: ___________________________                

Date:_____/_____/_____                  Title: Witness




DBME Refund Policy


DBME does not give refunds, credit, or exchanges on any of the following:

Photo Fee


Registration Fee

Recital Fee

Monthly Tuition

Recital Costumes

Company Dance Team Fees


Dance Shoes

Cancelled dance class due to inclement weather

Any/All Party Packages and/or deposits

Missed class due to illness/sickness

Missed class due to school function

*Not limited to any/all classes, privates, and any service or merchandise provided



Please note that DBME handbook is subject to revisions

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