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Company Registration TBA


Costs, Financial Obligations, and Time Requirements subject to change with the new season. Below is an outline of DBME Company guidelines.


D.B.M.E. Company Packet Information Found Below:


  • A letter about time and financial requirements & set competition dates
  • Company, Dance By M.E. Constitution
  • Suspension and Dismissal Policy
  • Company Registration Application
  • Company Costume Agreement
  • Company Contract


Dear Dance Team Candidate and Parent:

We are pleased to have your dancer as a candidate for DBME Company ministry and competitive dance teams.There are certain financial obligations that are a part of this activity.Below is a list of the costs. You may fundraise for as much of these costs, as possible, by getting team sponsors. Dance By M.E. will provide each Company member with 1 sponsor form and additional fundraising oppurtunities in order to raise money for Company belongings.

In other words, if you DO the fundraising, Company dance team will not be of any personal cost to you.

Costs are subject to change annualy


Dancer ITEMS


Practice Clothes    


Dance Bag (Zebra)


ROLLER Compete Kit

Ulta Make Up Kit

Stage Jewelery


Hair Nets

Bobby Pins


Hair Spray



Tennis Shoes


Jazz Shoes 


Foot Thongs


Black Booty Shorts


Jazz Pants


Tights (2 Pair)


2 Costumes

*Property Of TODS


Warm up outfit











Plus Additional $800.00 Sponsor Fees

Covers: Coaching Fees/Facility Fees/Choreographer Costs

(Extra Team Materials)

Plus Additional $700.00 Commitment Fees

Covers: 4 Competition Entry Fees

(3 Routines) + Dance Convention


Team Member Total Balance=$2,282.00

·                                               Don’t forget to include:

o    Gas and travel expenses for out of county competitions and events.

o    Miscellaneous Items (Snacks, Gatorade, Meals etc.)



Time Requirements

  • Time Requirements
    • Afternoon practice (Mini) Thursday 5-6pm

Friday *As Scheduled

                          Extra rehearsals as scheduled

    • Afternoon practice (Juniors) Thursday  4-5pm

Friday *As Scheduled

                        Extra rehearsals as scheduled

    • Afternoon practice (Seniors) Thursday TODS 6-7

Friday *As Scheduled

                          Extra rehearsals as scheduled

    • ALL practices are mandatory and you must be there for the entire practice,
  • There may be optional Company team ministry functions, and events with only 2 to 4 weeks notice.
  • If you have any questions about either time or financial obligations, please email



Set Competetion Dates





















Dance By M.E.

Company Dance Team Constitution


1.  Purpose

It is the purpose of this group of dancers to promote living for God, to develop good sportsmanship among others, to support Dance By M.E. programs at all studio functions, and strive to improve relationships in the community and between fellow dancers during all Company/DBME events. The organization’s goal is to work in harmony with one another, promote being a follower of Jesus Christ by dancing to and acting out through movement in music, compete in dance competitions to improve skills, and strive to always become a better dancer and leader.

2.  Registration

A.      Eligibility for Company

1.      Each candidate and a parent / guardian must attend a mandatory registration/meeting prior to first team practice. The meeting date/time TBA. at Dance By M.E. Studio located:

449 S Kings Hwy, Murfreesboro TN 37129

2.      Each candidate and his/her parent must sign that they have read this constitution.

3.      No girl/boy will be allowed to participate with DBMEC if he/she has quit or been removed from previous Company Team /Dance By M.E. function, unless discussed before hand with Megan Smith due to certain circumstances and with dismissal being preapproved the following season.

B.      Skills to be Demonstrated at first skill evaluation practice

1.      Communication Skills (crowd appeal, performance)

2.      Motions Technique (execution)

3.      Dance Technique (dance skill, rhythm)

4.      Learning Abilities (quickness to pick up on dances)

5.      Flexability (extensions)

6.      Attitude (positive in studio, and towards others)

7.      Required Skills:

R Split

L Split

C Split Pull Through

R Step Step Split Leap

L Step Step Split Leap

R Side Split Leap

L Side Split Leap

R Side Turns (X4)

L Side Turns (X4)

R Double Pirouette

L Double Pirouette

R Calypso

Any/All Tumble Skills

Any/All Strong Dance Skills/Tricks

C.    Guest coach to evaluate dancers

3.  Practices-Ministries-Competitions

A.      Schedule will be complete and final upon Fall Registration 2016.

B.      Attendance to practice and all ministry and competitions are mandatory.

C.     Season calendar will be given out at Fall Registration 2016 so personal schedules can be worked around practice/events/competitions.

D.     All dancers will attend and perform at all Company and DBME events. 

E.      During all Company Competitions, Community Funtions, and Events the dance team will sit and/ stand together in a given area.

4.  Safety Regulations

A.      A coach/instructor must be present at all practices.

B.      The team will follow accepted safety guidelines.


5.  DBMEC Dance Season  

                        September: Community Functions/Events

                        October: Community Functions/Events

                        November: Community Functions/Events

                        December: Community Functions/Events/ TODS Annual Recital

                        January: Community Functions/Events

                        February: Compete & Community Functions/Events

                        March: Compete & Community Functions/Events

                        April: Compete & Community Functions/Events        

                        May: Community Functions/Events

                       June: TODS Annual Recital

6.  Expected Behaviors and Standards

A.      Actions, in or out of school jurisdiction, such as drinking, smoking, using drugs, vandalism, public disturbances, etc., which will bring discredit to our teams will result in disciplinary action.

B.      Lack of participation due to injury or physical health must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. If you miss more than two practices due to injury, you must have a note from medical personnel. Otherwise, you will have disciplinary action.  Medical personnel could include doctor, chiropractor, nurse, nurse practitioner, or physical therapist among others.  If you do not wish to seek some sort of medical attention, then you must fully practice with the team with no complaints. 

C.     Physical training will be required.

D.     All Company members must participate in all group activities.

7.  Transportation

A.      If transportation is provided, all members must travel together to and from the event.

B.      If no transportation is provided, members must travel in vehicles driven by parents, not friends.

C.     Any dancer who misses the assigned transportation will not perform at that event.

8.  Leadership

A.      3 team leaders will be chosen for Company by Coach.

B.      Leadership, however, is expected from all dance team members, regardless of whether or not they are chosen as the Team Captain.

9.  Discipline

A.      Each member will receive a Suspension and Dismissal Policy that must be signed by both the Company member and parent.

10.  Costumes

A.      Each dancer will sign a costume agreement. 

This agreement is an understanding that, although the dancers pay for the costumes, they are the property of Dance By M.E.. Upon either an end to a season or dismissal from the team, the costumes must be returned to DBME; otherwise, the dancer and/or her parent(s) will be monetarily responsible for the costumes. 

11.  Finances

A.      All dancers and parents will receive- prior to making the decision to participate with DBMEC a list of costs involved in being a member of Company. Although the list is somewhat complete, other, smaller costs may be incurred during the course of the year.  All of these costs are the responsibility of individual dancers.  Any dancer who registers with the team will be held monetarily responsible for any part of any item that is ordered specifically for that dancer.  In the event a dancer quits or is removed from the squad, the dancer and / or her parent(s) are financially responsible for reimbursing DBME for those costs.


1 Sponsor Packet is offered to all Company dancers in registration packet.

Please feel welcome to make as many additional copies as you wish.

Each dancer may begin to get sponsors to help cover the cost of team expenses. It is optional to get team sponsors. However, every team member/parent Is still fully responsible for their cost for financial obligations.


B.      Any money that is currently owed must be paid in full upon Company Registration date TBA with no exceptions or the dancer will not perform at the first Competition, Community Function, or Event, but will be required to dress in warm up and sit with the dance coach.




________________________________                                   ________________________________

                          Megan Smith Dance Instructor                                                  Dancer       



________________________________                                   ________________________________                             Coach                                                                                            Parent/Gaurdian








        Company APPLICATION



My child, _______________________________, has my permission to be a dancer at Dance By M.E. Studio.  If elected, I understand that he/she must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the constitution, coach, and all other instuctors working with and for DBME. I understand that there is a $25.00 registration fee for company; I understand that my son/daughter will be evaluated by a skill review first Company practtice and we agree to abide by the decision of the coach regarding placement in choreography ministry/comp team etc.


I understand by the very nature of the activity, dancing carries a risk of physical injury. I understand these risks and will not hold Dance By M.E. Studio or any of its personnel and/or instructors responsible in the case of accident or injury.


_________________________________________                                            _________________

Parent or Guardian Signature                                                                                               Date


I am interested in becoming a dance team member of DBME Company. I understand the risks stated above.I promise to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the constitutions, coach, and all other instructors working with and for DBME. I promise to cooperate and follow the instructions of the dance team coach.


_________________________________________                                            _________

Candidate Signature                                                                                                              Date


Name of Candidate: 




Parent Phone (Cell)  ___________________________________


Dancer Phone (Cell)  ___________________________________




Suspension and Dismissal Policy


A Company team member will receive Community Functions, Events, and Competitions suspension for any of the following reasons at coach’s discretion.

1.      Failure to do an assigned task

2.      Disrespect to coach or teammates

3.      Unsportsman-like conduct

4.      Lying

5.      Wrong or inappropriate attire

6.      Actions, in or out of school, such as drinking, smoking, using drugs, vandalism, public disturbances, stealing, etc.

Practice and Team Gatherings

1.      An unexcused absence from practice will result in suspension for each practice missed upon coach’s discretion.

(excused & unexcused absences are given at coach’s discretion).

2.      Required practice uniform and correct shoes are to be worn, if not it will result in discipline of coaches discretion such as running, pushups, split hyper extensions etc. (dancer will do so following practice)

3.      If less than 10 minutes tardy to practice (at the assigned “be there” time), you will be given disciplinary action to follow after practice.

4.      If not at the assigned place at the assigned time, the disciplinary action will be decided by coach in what ever form coach sees fit.

5.      Tardiness to practice will result in disciplinary action.

6.      Leaving early from practice will result in disciplinary action.

7.      If not able to perform any one of the functions of dancing (jumping, motions, etc), you will not dance until able to do so.


1.      Behavior

a.      Pregnancy will result in dismissal from the team.

b.      Smoking/ Drinking will result in dismissal from the team.

2.      Three missed practices or scheduled events excused or not

(suspension, other activities that are unexcused) other than from illness or injury will result in dismissal from the team with coach’s discretion.



________________________________                                   ________________________________

                          Megan Smith Dance Instructor                                               Dancer       



________________________________                            ________________________________                                         Coach                                                                                   Parent/Gaurdian








2016-2017 CONTRACT


Dancer Name:____________________



I have read the Company, Dance By M.E. Studio Constitution and Suspension and Dismissal Policy.  I agree to abide by all rules therein.  I am aware that failure to follow the rules will result in the appropriate discipline or dismissal from the team.



______________________________________        ___________________

Signature of Dancer                                                     Date




I have read the Company, Dance By M.E. Studio Constitution and Suspension and Dismissal Policy.  I am aware that failure on the part of my child or myself to follow the rules will result in the disciplining of my child or dismissal of my child from the squad.



_____________________________________          ____________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian                                      Date






Costume Agreement


I have read the Company/Dance By M.E. Studio Policy.  I understand and agree that all Company costumes are property of Dance By M.E. Studio and are to be returned at the end of the season or upon Coach’s request. I am aware that failure to return the costumes will result in further charges of $150 to replace items.




______________________________________        ___________________

Signature of Dancer                                                     Date




_____________________________________          ____________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian                                      Date



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Dance By M.E.

449 South Kings Hwy

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Phone: 615 330-1444



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